Woof woof. (Testimonials!)

Henry’s in Heaven

Peter and Judi McAlenney of Danville

We first met Henry as a foster dog being temporarily cared for by Dawn back in 2012. We had been taking our other dog Sydney (since passed on) there for kennelling, and Dawn had mentioned she was given a 1 year old St. Bernard and desperately needed to find a home for him. Coincidentally, our daughters had been dreaming of a way to get a big dog like a St. Bernard — so the stars just sort of aligned — and Henry was adopted on the spot!!

Henry is obviously very comfortable at Animal House of New England since he spent some time there prior to us adopting him. But, regardless, it is a place where he can socialize with so many other dogs in a controlled environment. Henry is an easy going dog, but needs social interaction — so when he gets to stay there it is a real treat. He is always extremely tired when he comes home, which is a great indicator of his activity level — and that makes a happy Henry. Dawn has a great connection with the dogs which makes them feel at home and let’s us go away on vacation without a worry about his well-being. Keep up the great work Animal House of New England!!

Kimber’s Playtime

Rebecca Hubbard of Ryegate

As most fur mama’s are, I was nervous about sending my girl to daycare at first. Kimber has been going to Dawn’s daycare (Animal House of New England) for about 3 years now. At 9 months old, I dropped my anxious girl off for the first time- fast forward a few years later- now, she can’t get out of the car fast enough. 


Kimber is a Bluetick Coonhound and unlike most hounds she very rarely will howl at home. Though, in the morning, once she knows we are headed to daycare, I can’t get her to be quiet. I laugh and call her the neighborhood alarm clock! As soon as I let her, she will dart out of the car and straight into the building, howling her tail off to let all of her friends know she has arrived! 

I feel incredibly lucky to have found Dawn. I don’t trust leaving Kimber with many people but I truly believe that Dawn loves my Kimber like she’s her own!

A Grateful Granby

Tracy and Mike Verge of St. Johnsbury

If you are looking for an affordable and safe home away from home for your dog, I highly recommend the Animal House of New England. To say Granby is excited when we pull into the driveway is an understatement. He plays hard all day long with his friends in a fun and structured setting. I never worry when he is at daycare because he is treated just like family!

Disney World for the Boys

Rebecca and Matt Lewis of Waterford

Animal House is my boys home away from home. They get so excited when we say the word daycare! It’s like Disney World to them every time I drop them off they are so excited to be there. I am so thankful my boys have a safe place to be when we are at work. Animal House of NE has been a crucial part of the socialization of our dogs that we are forever thankful for them.


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