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Doggie Daycare

  • Lots of space indoors and outdoors to play

  • Interaction all day long

  • Futon beds to take naps

  • Puppies welcome

  • Snack time

  • Ball time

Dog days...

Each day brings new friends and old friends to play with. Some come 5 days a week, some a couple days or just one. But the fun starts first thing in the morning as they run through the front door.

We make sure the dogs don’t overdo it by giving them lots of rest time inside. Everyone gets a dog cookie around noon time with a quick nap. Then it’s back to play time until Mom and Dad come to pick us up for home. 

We have two rooms. One is usually devoted to our really active group. The other to our calmer or senior group. Lots of playtime in the morning.



Doggie Daycare:

$30 per day, Monday–Friday

We offer special rates for families with two or more dogs.

What We Require


All dogs must:

  • be spayed or neutered before they are 1 year old

  • be current on their shots, and 

  • come for a Doggie interview.

We conduct the Doggie interview to ensure that your pet is comfortable in an “open play” setting with other dogs that match your dog’s size and temperament. This helps us in tailoring their stay so they have the best time possible. Once your Doggie passes the “interview” they are approved to come anytime!

Doggie interviews are made by appointment. Please contact us at 802-424-6182 to set up yours!

If you prefer, you can print this Application Form, complete it and bring it with you. This form is also available at our facility. Please don’t forget to bring your pet’s shot records from your vet! 

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